Be like Elsa….

Let it go…

Be smart, like Elsa.

I will be honest – I haven’t devoted much time to thinking about my past over the last 4 months. After the first week with my new full time employers I was probably in some culture shock. After I sat down and got some of the negativity haunting me down in writing. I just… moved on. Does that mean I don’t care for some of the people still at FTJ – no, of course I still care about quite a few of the people I spent so much time with. But I realise that everyone has their own “stuff” that sometimes means that people go for months without talking or texting or reaching out. That’s life – and no, I don’t subscribe to the whole “if something is important to you, you MAKE the time” cause… my fitness is important to me, and I haven’t been able to locate the hour I need to go running for the last few weeks.

Here is where things diverge a little. I’ve had three incidences of my old distributors physically calling me to recount some of the pretty abhorrent things that have been said about me since I left my last workplace. Some of the things were about my work performance and my personality. They were repeated to two of my clients – who either want to stir trouble or are loyal and want to try and do the right thing by me… and one was slander, about my appearance… to a third party. The bitching about my performance is fairly easy to dismiss. My clients who I was pretty much instructed to take… have been working with me for a year and know it was all just sour grapes from senior management at FTJ. Sure, it’s disappointing that people in positions of authority need to say that kind of thing, however, in the last 4 months I’ve realised that I am very good at what I do – and those two incidences were intended to make their way back to me. It’s sad… but I suppose not entirely unexpected.

The third incidence… wow… I believe the exact words (and you’ll have to excuse me because it is third hand from a very reliable resource) were that I was a “Lazy, fat, slag who thought she knew everything”. Yes, something very close to that was really said – I have been friends with the person who repeated it to me for over 10 years. The fact that they needed to repeat that to me… ahhh, I know they mean well – but I’ve moved on. I know I’m not lazy, or fat, or a slag… and I never pretended to know everything for a single second.

Very publicly, here’s my advice. Let it go. Seriously. What happened to me while I was there – it really happened.  I left – now please just leave me be. I told a very censored version of my story because I needed to in order to properly close that chapter and start another, Don’t spread shit to people knowing it will get back to me… don’t insult me thinking you can still get into my head… just… move on with your life. Concentrate on bettering yourself and growing as a person – rather than spreading vile rumours about ANYONE in your life. If you need to talk bad about someone – there is a good chance you don’t want them in your life – so do yourself and them a favour, just politely move on and spend that time on something that’s productive and constructive.

I have.

If you want to be in someones life – then be there. If you feel the need to talk shit about them behind their back, then perhaps think about the things your missing out on because your doing that instead.

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