That which doesn’t kill us….

So remember when I wrote about my whereabouts for the last few weeks? I finished saying we had to paint our architraves and skirting boards and it was going to take 2 days. Surprise, Surprise I’m still eating, living, sleeping and working in my living area. I haven’t slept properly in 16 days now…. my dog thinks it’s hilarious to lick me in the mouth at 3am and my hair is so grey now I’m thinking about letting it grow out… start a new trend….

What the hell did I get us into? Nothing (and I’m not exaggerating here, NOTHING) has been even the slightest bit easy…. I am so deeply over it…. And the cost… oh my God the money…. I don’t even have the slightest idea where it’s gone… but it’s sure fricken gone….

We’re meant to be meeting with the kitchen people on Tuesday the 26th over what I believe will be the second last (and one of the largest) parts of our renovation. The kitchen has been such a problem for such a long time I’ve literally just been ignoring it… To the point when we were getting quoted I had a good look to see what I wanted to get rid of and I was almost sick… it’s just trashed – totally trashed. And – may I just say, this is all thanks to the previous owners. At the time I thought “Wow what nice old people” now it’s more like, “thanks very much for being in such a hurry to escape the debt collectors you left us with a ROYAL cluster-fuck”. And this my friends, this is why things are taking so much longer….. I’m almost dreading getting into the bathrooms because well…. now I’m looking I can SEE 4-5 different colours on the walls. Again “yeah, we’ll knock that down over ANZAC day long weekend….”, now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no way this side of hell that’s going to be a reality. And what’s worse – the longer I linger with these thoughts – the more I want to do – like the vanity for example – I’ve ALWAYS wanted a new vanity in the Ensuite…. I’ve found one I like very much…. it’s $500…. where do I stop? Seriously? The kitchen is already sitting nicely around $12k and that’s a HAVE TO….

And here’s the thing…. WHY are we doing this….? So we can move out…. What the actual fuck am I thinking right? I have this weird compulsion to leave the place in a nice state for our tenants – I’m not even going to be around to enjoy all the money we’re pumping into the place…

I must be half nuts – I’m pretty sure Stocker thinks I’m all the way gone….

All I can say is if I see another decorative architrave I am probably going to run screaming into the street….

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