One {official} Year In.

Yesterday was the official One Year Anniversary of my Crohn's Diagnosis.  I didn't notice until then - but I started my Imuran again last night - coincidence or synergy? You be the judge. How do I feel...?  I like I am over worked and under paid!  Oh, about Crohn's.  Er.... it sucks.  But yesterday was just ...

When is arthritis… not arthritis?

My name is Amanda and as the name of my blog and this first story suggests, I have Ileocolic Crohn’s disease. The scariest thing about what I have is how little is known and published about it. There is a bit of stuff on Wikipedia, but all the material is very tactfully worded with a lot of conjecture. The reality is – no one really knows what it is, what causes it or what puts suffers into acute phases of it. So here I am. I have no hard medical facts, apart from what’s on my reports and what I am told, but here I will post my story. How I was diagnosed and cope with Crohns Disease.