How about some extra stress with your stress?

My partners going to quit his job, we will lose $2k in holiday half booked, we will also lose the house 6 weeks after he quits, I am getting 4 hours sleep a night, I am working like a dog here and at home for less than I am worth, I feel like I have been run over by a train and backed over by a mini bus, I have no iron in my body, I do have an incurable disease crawling around in my bowel and last night I woke myself up screaming and seeing spiders crawling all over me and our bed. But hey, I can take it – how about a bit more stress with all that?

Worming my way out of Crohns symptoms

Prompted by my amazing partner, I have been looking into a few alternative treatments for Crohns Disease.  We are not talking tealeaves and meditation, I know I have a problem and that positivity alone is not going to get it under control.  I also know that I can’t continue to stay on the Entocort.  The ...