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Something went terribly wrong when I migrated Word Press themes and my “Add a comment” button disappeared…  So the only comments I have been getting are from Spammers… boo.  Well I have since fixed it!  At the bottom of each post, dead centre and bold is a link “Leave your thoughts”, click on this link to leave your thoughts or comments.  Don’t forget you can also just say it with a thumb down the bottom right of each post too.  You  can also let me know what you think of my blog on Facebook and if you write too, post your stories to the wall.

Since my last post – I have actually got busier… like…. unable to leave the house or partake in any social or leisure activity busy.  I am not going to complain about it, because this was a choice… and I did know the short term consequences of starting my own business in hopes it will one day be my primary source of income.  Opportunity cost (thats a marketing theory – if you do or buy one thing, your automatically forgo another).

I have a new book I am dying to read… Southern Vampire Mysteries #11 Dead Reckoning… but alas, instead I am pumping out logos like no-ones business.  I enjoy logos the most perhaps because I feel like some of them may even out live me… something I leave behind – a legacy even.  The latest is at the bottom of the page – let me know what you think by leaving your thoughts (please see above re: commenting) or by hitting like on my design Facebook page.  I am hoping to have time to share a new Bowel friendly recipe with you all soon and a new skin treatment I am trying… but more work less procrastination for now.


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