Amanda says no, no, no to McDonalds

So… fast food is bad for you… whether you have Crohn’s Disease, Heart Disease or you are just a normal, everyday person.  I know this and I can track back so rather nasty bouts of feeling shit, to my corresponding consumption of fast food.  But still, generally once a month… deeply hungover, I used to do it…. Why?  Er… because I was hungover.  Like I have said before, I was not an angel in my earlier years.  I had my last McDonalds (or KFC or HJ’s) anything in November 2009 (yes I am that pathetic I remember the date) after a friends birthday – and yes, for the record, I was hungover.  I think that last time was the first instance I realized with every mouthful I felt I was dying a little inside.  Consequently I stopped.  To the point I would go hungry rather than have to eat from one of the aforementioned fast food outlets.

I am not made of stone… and recently in Australia (in Queensland anyway) there has been an ad campaign going for the “NYC Benedict Bagel”… I weakened.  I have a taste for Hollandaise Sauce…

On Saturday we were in a rush (as per normal) we had a family thing on at our place and a) had no food and b) our house looked like a nuclear accident.  So after a little convincing from me – we went to McDonalds to try the “little bit fancy” breakfast.  On Saturday morning I put fast food in my body for the first time in 18 months.  And for the next 12 hours regretted it.  Okay – so, I can see a normal person struggling with Maccas… what a good idea for someone with BOWEL DISEASE to stop and grab a bite to eat there.  I couldn’t even finish the rather small breakfast bagel…. I felt sick from the first bite till the next morning… I could hear my body screaming at me….  All I could do to alleviate the discomfort was to grab the two bottles of water for $3.50 special at Coles and start chugging.  By the time we got home I had finished both and was feeling only sightly better…  What a fucking lapse in judgment.  I did not recover properly till the next day and have publically vowed that it will be my last stint at McDonalds… ever.

Following my close encounter with the Maccas breakfast bagel I found myself scrolling through some video footage on the Biggest Loser website (my guilty pleasure) … and I came across a video of the contestants eating 2-3 large burgers in one sitting.  I must admit I had a little bit of vomit in my mouth by the end.  I don’t know how anyone can eat that much McDonalds… not only does it taste plastic and shit it makes you feel crap…

Tonight is my fifth night off the Imuran and today I have felt a little more like the old me.  Its not perfect don’t get me wrong…. but I didn’t feel like I was dragging my corpse around either – so I suppose there is that.

Tomorrow – well tomorrow I start a new adventure.  Private Health Insurance research…. can’t you hear the excitement ebbing from me?  Its still pricey, but we are both almost 30 (hard to believe I know) and it only gets more expensive from here as the Governments rebate evaporates little by little every year we wait to join.  So its turned from a “like to have” into a “must have”.  Its true, the more you have in your pocket at the end of each week – the more you spend.  Personally I am happy with the care I am getting publicly, but in the near future there will come a time where I will need procedures done… and they will not be able to service those needs at the time it arises.  I think both myself and Stocker have seen this coming for a while now… I am not looking forward to explaining my detailed medical history to 10 different insurance companies all hearing their fake phone empathy while telling me that will be $200 (or more) a month and unfortunately I we won’t be able to make a claim till next year.  It however must be done… I do plan on holding off till July 1 thought… I mean, in my case, what is an extra 8 weeks going to hurt?

One last thing before I retire for the night (9:30pm and I am on holidays – wow I’m lashing out) I have added like/dislike thumbs to the bottom of my posts.. so if you really aren’t in the mood to comment – say it with a thumb.

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