A special kinda project

You pretty much know your day is going to suck when you make your first tea – and on your last dunk, the tea bag explodes sending little tea particles all through your hot beverage.  Naturally, you make a new one – only to find there is no milk of any description (not even an out of date bottle) left at your workplace.  Fantastic.

I suppose my day wasn’t so bad considering the way it started.  Over the weekend, my break from what has been relentless joint pain over the last few years has continued – I only have the Imuran to thank for that one – as much as it pains me to say.  So we decided to get into our jungle, I mean garden.  This spout of garden work has come about since finding paralysis ticks on our (almost) one year old puppy.  Thankfully we had been taking my sisters (the new Frontline Account Manager for South East Queensland) sage advice and dosing the dog every fortnight.  With fortnightly application of Frontline ticks can’t start feeding – they then simply starve, die and fall off.  If we had not of taken this advice – our puppy would have died.  Anyway yes, since I am functioning again and I wasn’t sick on the weekend we launched into it taming the savage garden.  It was a lot of hard work… but we got it done and the place looks pretty stunning  – well most of it, still have a bit to do.  The downside, I feel like I have been savaged by a wild beast.  Musles I didn’t know I had are hurting… and they are hurting a lot.  Today – I couldn’t even walk up the stairs to the accounts department – I just waited till I saw one of the people from there floating around the bottom of the building and I gave them my paperwork headed north.

There was a lot more talk and conjecture at work – I wonder what kind of a job I am doing at hiding my disappointment at what has transpired in the last few weeks…  I haven’t been pulled aside for a “talking too” so I would muse I am doing fairly well.  Besides, whats there to talk about, they gave my job, the job I had been working 6 years to step into, to someone else…. I feel that’s a pretty closed case don’t you?

On Friday its also one of Stockers best mates 30th – so we are making the journey to Brisbane for this event.  We are even going out to dinner… well sorta.  My Hell Pizza vouchers are here, so we are going to spend them before the party.  Sunday we are (if I have anything to say about it) going to the movies to see Harry Potter.  I am very excited about this – not JUST cause its Harry Potter, but because we are going to the movies, I haven’t been since my last Crohns turn in the middle of a pretty packed cinema… classy.

Apart from all that, I am embarking on a special mission.  I wrote about one of my good friends a few days back.  Happily she made it through her scope and is still around to remind us she is hungry.  I am beyond pleased at that.  But… I do see the situation starting to worsen.  Ross and Maz are in the middle of renovations forced upon them by a termite infestation in their wooden flooring.  A lot of the renovation is done, but they still need to replace the ceiling in their living area.  Okay, nothing to do with the termites… but still.  I work for a company that has given me access to contractors and suppliers who I am hoping may be willing to donate the time and materials needed to fix their roof.  So over the next few weeks I am going to start making some inquiries and hopefully, I will be able to do something for them.

I have been a fairly religious donator to cancer and the animal welfare league over the last few years.  I have changed my habits a bit.  I now donate pretty exclusively to Bowel Disease causes.  A lot of people would probably call that self serving – and it is.  But the quicker they can get the disease of the damned cured the quicker they can give hundreds of thousands of people their life back and the sooner they can move onto treating and curing something else.  Helping Maz and Ross – well I know the assistance is going to people that genuinly need it.  And while it might not help cure her – at least she will know everything is done and its is place here now… Hell, if she likes the house that much she might decide to stick round and use it long into the future – you just don’t know… and I think thats the point of this.

The future is very uncertain… for all of us… all we can really do is give where we can and take when we need to.

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