Just a quick one tonight – I have work to bill out and a new logo to start – for a boar hunter…. I don’t want to hear any speaches on ethics… or any pig or bacon jokes – pretty sure I have heard them all today.

So… I just took our dog for a walk… and I ran… I ran in 2 x 500mm portions of the circuit and I don’t feel like I have been stabbed in my spine…. I am trying to figure out why… Don’t get me wrong I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth… but I would like to know if I might actually be feeling better?  I am wondering if the Imuran is helping my joints too?  Very keen on hearing from anyone who is on Imuran and has Crohns with joint involvement?  You can email me personally – or just comment on this post.  Has your joint pain been better since on Imuran?

One more exciting piece of news – my blog has reached 200 readers.  Thanks to everyone dropping by and having a look.

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