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What a week – literally the week from hell.  I haven’t had a minute to scratch myself let alone write in my blog.

So, this week I had a pretty unique experience – I was in Hospital, but as a visitor.  Yes that’s right – I got to experience the health care system from the other side of the curtain.  After this experience I have the same, high opinion of the public system that I had prior.  Gold Coast Hospital – you rule.  I fact, I have heard more distressing stories from the private sector over the last few months than I would care to.  True, there are about 10-15 derros permanently parked outside the hospital enterance.  And true – the walk past the mental health ward is a little disconcerting.  The fact still remains  – when you get in and they know what you’ve got, you are privy to world class health care.

My close friend had a bit of a Cardiac scare this week – he is 30 years old.  I suppose that it is a bit of a wake up call – I mean, sure, I have Crohns Disease, but if I don’t take care of myself, I could wind up going between two hospital departments.  How is my friend – well he is worrying me… he got out on Friday and wanted to see a movie on Saturday… I said I would take him.  Not generally a good idea for the person with severe rapid heart beat to DRIVE to the movies the day after being discharged from hospital.  I saw in total 3 minutes of Despicable Me, before we had to make an abrupt exit.  He is still not right… and I am glad I was there with him…  I am hoping that as an outpatient, they will find out what’s happening with him and hopefully do what’s necessary to keep him with us for at least another 60 years.

What’s going on with me and Crohns land?  Not too much to report… I finally got over Gardasil 2 and tomorrow is d-day.  Or should I say i-day.  Tomorrow I start Imuran an Azathiorine (Immunosuppressant).  Its either going to be a wonder drug or put me in the bed next to my good friend in hospital.  At least we will both have someone to talk to?  In all seriousness, I am nervous, very nervous.  More nervous than I can tell my partner or my family.  Things have been going so well on the Entocort, I really don’t want to give it up.  But… it works for a limited time – and this is my fall back… if I come off it now… if I start to flare again – they can put me straight back on it… which may put surgery a bit further back.  But… the side effects – oh-boy. I thought the Prednisone sounded bad… its got nothing on the Imuran.  The hard fact is though – I have nowhere to go right now… it has to be the Imuran and it has to be now.  I will continue to quietly crap myself (pardon the pun Crohnies) for the first month – I am guessing that the liver/pancrease failure will take place in that sort of time frame should I be destined for it….

We have filled in a Will Kit – just in case…. You can imagine how impressed my partner was when the Imuran flyer covered that…. Hah.  That will have to do until we can afford a lawyer…. Other than that… I have everything crossed that this will be my miracle treatment – not my ticket to hell.

I will keep you all posted as I start this new chapter…

Imuran – its either going to kill me or make me stronger.

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