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Calorie Addict

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My name is Amanda - and I’m addicted to food. Oh, and I have a chronic digestive disease that tries to kill me every so often. I really wanted to start off this post by blaming everything but myself for the situation I’m in. I really did. I even thought about what I would say. But ...


I had a very interesting experience the other day. I was called a social climber. I was called this by someone formally in my life, who I drifted away from, in amongst a tirade of abuse which focused on how selfish I was for not helping them with their problems. Wow. I’m going to admit I wasn’t ...

Dear anti-vaxxer….

Last week a celebrity personality posted on her very public, very large social media platform that she will be having a home birth with a midwife, raising her child as a vegan… and will not be vaccinating. That personality is the heavily pregnant Kat Von D. I was totally with her (not necessarily agreeing, but with ...

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